Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anatomy is destiny. Study: Conservatives have larger ‘fear center’ in brain

Political opinions are considered choices, and in Western democracies the right to choose one's opinions -- freedom of conscience -- is considered sacrosanct.

But recent studies suggest that our brains and genes may be a major determining factor in the views we hold.

New Value Mentors Network Partners

I'm pleased to announce the addition of eight new Value Mentors Network Partners. This distinguished group includes: Joi Ito (Chairman, Creative Commons); Timothy Karsten (Principal, TDKA Group); Kristin Keffeler (Principal,Kinetic Enterprise); Abby Raphel (Executive Director The Redwoods Initiative); Jeffrey Walker (Chairman, Millenium Promise); John A Warnick Esq:(Founder & Director, Purposeful Planning Institute); Matt Wesley (Principal, The Wesley Group) & Ray Wilson (Principal, R.O. Wilson & Company)

Minessence eZine 45 has been published: "The Top Priority Values in Each of the Eight Clusters of Values"

Thanks to Paul Chippendale for generating this profile from the Minessence data base.It will definitely be of use in our development of a new assessment tool.

Article by my colleague, Paul Chippendale: When Your Worldview Changes Your Priority Values Change

From the Online Values Journal

Interview with Joichi Ito: a Value Mentors Network Partner

Interview in the Guardian (UK)from December 5 with Joichi Ito, noted Internet entrepeneur, CEO of Creative Common on promoting copyright licenses that support a Collaborative Worldview & the signature values of innovation and collaboration.

The Neuroeconomics of Trust

Oxytocine promotes feelings of safety, trust, reciprocity, generosity & collaboration.